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Golf Carts: Much More than Golf Course Transportation

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The golf cart has become more than just a mode of golf course transportation, it has transformed into a fully customizable automotive vehicle. There are many ways you can customize your golf cart to fit your unique style and needs. From functionality to design, there are a number of different accessories to meet your specific needs and desires.

Add additional storage with a hitch

Attach a hitch to your golf cart for added functionality. You can now add additional storage to your golf cart for day trips. Pack up your beach chairs, umbrellas and boogie boards and head down to the shore! Or if you’re headed to the park for the afternoon, don’t forget to pack up your picnic supplies and outdoor activities to bring along with you.

Show off your school spirit!

Everyone loves sharing their collegiate pride, and now you can flaunt it around the neighborhood with your  Collegiate Golf Cart Seat Cushions. The seats add color, comfort and originality to your cart. You may even make some new friends who share your team pride, especially during your favorite sport season.

Roam wild in your golf cart.

If you live in an area with some rough terrain and you enjoy a rugged outing outside, consider adding a lift kit to your golf cart to take it off the road and into the wilderness. With a  golf cart lift kit you can take your cart off the street and get to some of those more remote places quicker and easier than on foot.

Take your cart on the Hunt

Plan to go hunting in your golf cart? With the floor-gun mount you can safely carry your guns along with you in your all-terrain vehicle. Paired with a cargo basket, you easily bring all of the necessary supplies with you. The gun mount can also be removed easily for days when you would prefer a casual drive through the neighborhood.

Stand out with some bling

Details, Details, details! Adding a few billet accessories to your golf cart can take its design over the top. The metallic finish will not only stand strong against the outdoors elements, but it also adds a little flash and flair to your vehicle. Consider the billet pedals and sport shifter or even an entire front diamond package.