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5 Great Places to Ride Your Tricked Out Golf Cart

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You’ve finally finished customizing your golf cart, and you’re eager to show off your ride. You’ve outfitted it with the best there is: stainless steel Nerf bars, SS golf cart wheels, and a sweet Club Car cargo box to carry all of your future fan mail. The road awaits! But where do you go first?

Check out these Top 5 places to ride your tricked out golf cart!

5. Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area – Glamis, CA

When you’re itching for high-action thrills, surfing on sand dunes should provide a welcome cure. Forty miles of hundred-foot-high sand dunes await you, offering you an adventure of a lifetime. Launch off the dunes and catch some air, or take things at a slower pace and breathe in the natural desert beauty.

4. Lake Placid, NY

If you think New York roads are only for congested traffic, think again! There’s plenty of wilderness to explore along the Lake Placid back roads, and golf carts can be a preferred method of transport. Be warned – it can get chilly being that close to the Adirondacks. Make sure your golf cart rain cover is properly installed, and bring a sweater, too.

3. Peachtree City, GA

You’ll be right at home amid the ninety miles of multi-use cycling, running, and – you guessed it – golf cart paths winding throughout Peachtree City, GA. Almost every family owns at least one golf cart; they’re ideal for picking up groceries, or relaxing drives in the woods. No matter what walk of life you’re on, there’s something to like in Peachtree City.

And if you plan accordingly, you might even make the annual July 4th parade to show off your cart to the patriotic masses!

2. Polk County, FL

If hunting’s your game, you won’t do much better than Polk County. If you happen to be sporting a camo-clad electric golf cart, you’ll be sneaking up on and bagging turkeys in no time. And for larger trophies such as white-tailed deer, just flip down your rear golf cart seat and bring that buck home.

1. Texas Triggers – Sonora, TX

Originally envisioned by the History Channel’s Top Shots host Colby Donaldson, this shooting ranch/ theme park located in Sonora, Texas features several challenges straight from the show, offering the ultimate entertainment experience. Hop on a tricked out golf cart in a high-octane target-shooting challenge, then kick back and enjoy some authentic Texas-style grub.