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​Safety First: Outfitting your Golf Cart with Top of the Line Safety

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Whether you’re equipping your golf cart to meet street legal requirements or you just want some added protection, there are many golf cart parts and accessories available for outfitting your golf cart with top of the line safety products.

Seat Kit Safety Bar

The seat kit safety bar is an attachment that provides added security to passengers travelling in the rear facing seats of your cart. It gives them a sturdy base to hold on to and prevents passengers from falling out the back as the cart accelerates forward. The safety bar is a highly recommended attachment for all golf carts with rear facing seats.


Outfitting your golf cart with a windshield can help protect you from elements that can occur with unexpected inclement weather. If you find yourself caught out in a storm, putting up the windshield will help protect you and your passengers from cold fast rain or harsh winds. The windshield will also help protect your eyes and aid your vision so you can quickly and easily navigate your golf cart to safety.

Seat Belts

Installing seat belts in your golf cart is mandatory in many states if you would like it to be street legal. Golf cart seatbelts provide an added layer of protection between you and the ground. Seatbelts also help to prevent your passengers from falling out of the open vehicle and will keep your children safely strapped in place so you can focus your attention on driving. The combined installation of both seatbelts and a seat kit safety bar provide the ultimate protection for your passengers in the rear facing seats of your cart.

Review Mirrors

Installing a 5-panel review mirror will increase your visibility both inside and outside your cart. By adding review mirrors you increase your field of vision by over 50%, eliminating the element of surprise from behind. Have children playing in the back seat? With the 5-panel review mirror they really will think you have eyes in the back of your head.

Light Kit

Adding a light kit to your golf cart provides for numerous safety benefits. For example this deluxe EZGO light kit comes with headlights, taillights, turn signals and a horn, providing for 360 degrees of added visibility and safety. The headlights will help you to see while the taillights and turn signals will help other drivers to see you. The added bonus of this deluxe light kit is that it comes with a horn, allowing others to hear you coming as well.