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Turning your golf cart into an all-terrain vehicle

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Cruising the streets in your tricked-out golf cart is all well and good, but there comes a time when you’re itching for something more. If this sounds like you, then now is the perfect time to take your golf cart off the streets and into the wild!

While there are many options available to you, here are a few essential golf cart parts and accessories to turn your tame machine into an all-terrain adventure vehicle:


To ensure your golf cart can handle the great outdoors, you’ll need golf cart tires that are specialized for any terrain. All-terrain golf cart tires are versatile, capable of traversing through mud, water, and whatever else you may encounter. All-terrain golf cart tires also sport aggressive tread patterns that can grip the harshest landscapes while still providing a smooth ride on the streets.

Lift Kit

For you trailblazers, Golf cart lift kits are a must-have for your all-terrain golf cart. These kits give your cart increased clearance, allowing it to pass over rough ground with ease. Golf cart lift kits also make your cart more stable – an important factor when you’re driving over rocky or uneven trails.

Brush guard

When you’re out there crashing through the brush, having an extra layer of protection is never a bad thing. A brush guard is an important part that protects your golf cart’s headlights and body, as well as its undercarriage. But this isn’t just a practical addition: a brush guard makes for a rugged look that is as tough as it is functional.

With these recommendations, your golf cart should be well-equipped to handling any type of terrain!

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